About VV

We, at Violet Vibes, are a small team with big aspirations.
The letter 'V' in Violet Vibes sounds like 'We' which signifies three of us, Gaurav Garima and Neha.
We all were travelling on different paths until we found our common love which is 'Art'.
An art is a form of emotion which holds imaginary minds, creative hands and inner thoughts and fortunately we are a thrilling mix of all these.
Being the face of Violet Vibes, we aim at covering every nook and cranny of home decor product line.

Our workspace is an atmosphere full of enthusiasts and we have a total of eleven individuals working with us.

What We Do

"Garima and Neha are the creators and designers of Violet Vibes though many of our creations are modified or discarded as per Gaurav's recommendation. (funny but true)
For us, Home décor is all about creating those happy spaces for yourself where you feel most connected and also conveying your stories to the one who enters your home without saying anything.
We majorly focus on the quotes, designs and colors that define you, your thoughts and your way of embracing the life.

Macrame which is our other section, is an art of tying knots in patterns to create unique and beautiful designs.
Garima and Neha are self learned macrame artists who believe in learning, polishing and trying new skill sets here and now.

Gaurav is responsible for all the strategic and backend operations."

Why to choose us?

Originality and Affordability

At Violet Vibes, we aim and focus at originality and affordability, this was the promise we made to ourselves when we started this venture and till date we're able to keep it.

Feedback and Suggestions

Though we aren't displaying any negative comments (trust us here, we get a very few), we work on the feedbacks and suggestions that pave our way to improvement.

Shipment and Deliveries

We have made up arrangements with trusted third parties for logistics and we work our level best to make our customers witness good experience.

Review and Trust

Trust is a long term goal and we are proud to share that we've almost achieved it and continuosly working towards retaining it. We have 600+ positive reviews
(increasing every single day) on our Instagram feed. We also have a good number of Google reviews.


Words of people that will tell you about the vibes of violetvibes.